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Current Courses

A few courses relating to the core interests of LCSL are offered at MIT and in Genoa. Those courses for which online resources are available, can be accessed by following the links below. Materials relating to these courses are constantly being updated. For the most recent information, contact the lecturers directly. Their info can be found on each course web page.

Previous Courses

Courses organized by LCSL in previous years.

Independent Activity Period (IAP):

As part of the Independent Activities Period (IAP) at MIT, we have organized:

  • The iCub-humanoid Robot: A Hands-on Course
    The course is organized as a 'code sprint' to pull together all the software needed to make a humanoid work - control and perception algorithms for its head, hand, arm, legs, and full body. It is organized as a peer-to-peer event: there are little formal lectures and lot of free programming time on a real humanoid robot. The bulk of the time will be spent working together to integrate modules and implement interesting behaviors for humanoid robots. A full iCub is available to students for the duration of the course (5 days). The robot is equipped with cameras, microphones, encoders, force/torque sensors, sensorized skin, gyros, accelerometers and controls 53 motors.
  • The Workshop: Robotics and Learning Theory at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
    As we started to work on applications of machine learning in robotics the workshop is an occasion to hear about the state of the art and the connections in the two fields.